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Liquid FSI Technology

Our technology allows Providers and Lenders to make better, more informed business decisions. By collecting and analyzing multiple data sources and applying proprietary algorithms and machine learning, Liquid FSI provides Lenders and Providers with a better business experience.

Our tool for sophisticated claims verification and payment integrates with many medical billing and practice management ecosystems. We use machine learning to analyze a Provider’s assets and to predict payment events from insurance companies. For the first time, Providers are valued based on their assets and no longer need to struggle with traditional loan approval processes. We also provide Lenders with a holistic view of a Provider’s business through a Liquid FSI score, which is updated continuously. This allows Lenders to make better, more informed business decisions and to mitigate risk.

Our Algorithm

Our Liquid FSI Score helps build trust between Lenders and Providers.

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Liquid FSI Data Security

Many traditional and online lenders build and maintain hundreds of loan broker channels. While some of these channels provide valuable services for Providers and Lenders, others may represent an additional challenge: risk to your privacy, your practice, and your identity.

Liquid FSI technologists are experts in risk management. In fact, our team has built risk management systems for some of the largest and most respected banks in the world. Your information is encrypted and is shared only with qualified lenders that have signed NDAs and BAAs. It is never shared with broker channels.

The Liquid FSI platform ensures that Providers' data is encrypted and stored securely.


You’ve worked hard to build your Practice and your reputation. Our new Blockchain technology will help you to protect the privacy of your personal data and your business data.

Reconciliation of transactions can be an onerous challenge with a myriad of documents and validations, requiring lawyers, auditors, and accountants. This proliferation of customer data is eliminated with Liquid FSI’s Technology, controlled in the Blockchain process, and brought in line with HIPAA guidelines. Receivables are tokenized and remain on the Provider’s books even though ownership is transferred to the Lender.

Provider/Lender/Patient records are secured, and a dialogue is created in a secure Provider/Lender portal.

Liquid FSI Blockchain Technology

Blockchain in healthcare

Liquid FSI Blockchain eliminates the practice of Brokers “shopping” Provider information with multiple Lenders, lowers the cost of Provider acquisition for Lenders and Banks (by as much as 10 percent), and adds a new secure product to the medical billing ecosystem.