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Q: What is Liquid FSI, Inc. and what can the Liquid FSI platform do for my business?

Liquid FSI, Inc. is a financial innovation company delivering new products. We are committed to driving down the cost of business financing and driving up access to capital for healthcare providers. Liquid FSI technology provides the user with the ability to convert their existing healthcare receivables to capital on-demand with a simple, three-step process: Verify, View, Convert.


Liquid FSI is not a lender; we deliver innovative products through a remarkable, self-directed user experience. We are neither driven by big lenders’ demands nor are we burdened by the high cost of product distribution, like brokers or ISO channels.

Q: What type of receivables can I liquidate on the Liquid FSI platform?

A healthcare provider can liquify any receivable that has been verified through a clearinghouse. That means you no longer need to wait to get paid for your services. You can get paid within hours, after an invoice has been verified.

Q: There are so many “FinTech” type companies out there, it’s very confusing.

There are over one hundred companies that provide lending products. These companies built great business process technologies to provide lightning-fast underwriting, instant approvals, (even faster collections if you miss a payment!), and outstanding ISO support, supported by expensive internet advertising.

However, they are all the same: high fees and high interest payments.

Q: Sounds like factoring. True?

Not at all. Liquid FSI’s technology has eliminated the traditional factoring obstacles related to factoring invoices.

You may be paid 100% of the Net Asset Value of the claim within hours. All of your receivables are eligible to be Liquified. Your patients/customers will not be notified.

    • You are paid 100 percent of the value of your healthcare claims within hours.
    • All of your receivables are eligible to be Liquified.
    • Your patients/customers will not be notified.
    • No escalating late payment fees.

Q: If it’s not a loan and it’s not factoring, then what is it?

It is the next generation in product delivery for the Financial Technology industry. Liquid FSI delivers a financial product directly where and when it is needed. It is an innovative tool that creates a bridge between your practice, billing software, clearinghouses, financial institutions, and your need to sustain a balanced revenue cycle.

Q: Can I use my existing medical billing company?

Yes. Liquid FSI’s technology is designed to work with your existing business process. No need to switch medical billing companies, ERPs, practice management software, or accounting systems. We don’t disrupt; we enhance.

Q: How safe is Liquid FSI technology?

Liquid FSI securely transmits all of your data via SSL with an advanced SHA-2/2048-bit encryption.

Q: Is Liquid FSI within HIPAA guidelines?

Yes. Liquid FSI has implemented policies, processes, and procedures designed to comply with the HIPAA Standards for Privacy, Electronic Transactions, and Security.

Q: I like to remain low-key about my finances. Can I access Liquid FSI from my home computer or mobile device?

Yes. Liquid FSI is a discreet tool. You can execute transactions privately from your mobile device, tablet, or laptop at the end of a long day in your office or laboratory.

Q: Do I have to switch billing companies to use Liquid FSI?

No. Liquid FSI can work with any billing company’s software.

Q: What if I do my own billing?

If Liquid FSI can receive adjudicated data from your clearinghouse, then you can use the platform.

Q: Can Liquid FSI recommend a medical billing company?

Yes, we have many partners that work with our platform and can work with your practice.

Q: What if my claims cannot be verified, can I use the Liquid FSI platform?

Yes. Any business that participates in the healthcare ecosystem can use the Liquid FSI platform. However, if your claims cannot be verified, your transaction fees will be higher.

Q: Does Liquid FSI accept non-healthcare customers?

Liquid FSI will accept commercial accounts as long as the accounts and their representatives are in compliance with Liquid FSI business standards.

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