About Liquid FSI

Liquid FSI is deeply rooted in the financial technology revolution.

Our Roots

Our founders helped to create the global P2P payment icon Western Union FSI. Then, they turned their attention to the Alternative Finance industry in the U.S. (in the early 2000s) and later became the catalysts for disrupting the rigid business financing process in the U.K., allowing thousands of SMEs to break the shackles of traditional British banking. MCE-London LTD. (now trading as LIBERIS) stands today as a benchmark for financial technology and innovation in the U.K.

What We Do

Liquid FSI’s Convert2Pay™ is a B2B information gateway that is driven by proprietary algorithms, A.I., machine learning, and a unique asset (claims) verification and scoring process. Founded in 2015, Convert2Pay™ facilitates multiple two-party transaction data simultaneously. This analysis enables Providers and Lenders to make more informed financing decisions.

Our technology increases access to affordable business financing for tens of thousands of underserved healthcare Providers.

Our Mission

We aim to disrupt the healthcare financing process and correct inequities, discrimination, and high costs resulting from archaic underwriting metrics. Convert2Pay™ technology focuses on the value of the insurance asset vs. the credit history of the Provider.

Our Beliefs


We believe that knowledge is power.

Know Your Customer is critical in reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Liquid FSI goes beyond traditional KYC guidelines. We create a holistic view of a customer’s digital financial footprint using 20 data points including past payment history, social media behavior, previous email addresses, mobile activity, sanctions lists, etc.


We believe that providers of healthcare financial services move too slowly.

Waiting weeks or months for insurance payments, or for Lenders to make decisions, is unacceptable. Liquid FSI’s Convert2Pay™ -- a machine learning, asset transaction exchange solution -- allows for Providers to exchange an existing insurance claim for funds, and to do so on-demand, much like a currency exchange.


We believe that a Provider’s data is deeply personal.

For Providers, Liquid FSI’s technology ensures that data is only able to be accessed by those who need it. For Lenders, benefits can include reduced customer acquisition costs, improved customer retention, reduced risk, and the ability to target high interest sectors.


We believe that Blockchain technology builds transactional trust.

Convert2Pay™ technology will reshape the dynamic of trust and privacy in healthcare transactions because of cryptology. Providers, Lenders, and Billers on the platform run complex consensus protocols to unanimously and securely agree on what should be added to their block. These protocols provide the basis for trust, the removal of middlemen and, as a result, decrease in the overall cost of transacting and acquiring customers. 

New Financial Tools to Run Your Practice

Think about having money when and where you need it… We call this Spot Liquidity. Convert2Pay™ is an on-demand, Spot Liquidity tool tied to an asset-backed line of credit. There are no brokers, no middle men, and no plowing through endless online offerings or completing multiple applications. Once you complete your online profile and upload your receivables and documents, you will never need to shop for business financing again. Convert2Pay™ Providers control their cash flow on-demand using their medical claims as convert-to-cash assets. No more waiting weeks or months for claims to be processed by clearinghouses and Payers!

Welcome to Liquid FSI. Enjoy the freedom.