Three Easy Steps


Liquid FSI customer/members can upload and view their medical invoices or claims from an ERP, Lab or Practice Management Software, EIPP, P2P, accounting systems or even a flat file. Invoices and claims are displayed in a clear, concise, and chronological format. Aristotle would have loved this process!


Add a bit of “genius.” Liquid FSI cross-references multiple sources simultaneously, including medical billing company information and clearing house data. Forms like 835 and 837, historical records, daily bank activity and, more important, any notable variances. Einstein would have been smitten!


Once our Verify Genius says "GO!", our convert function allows you to convert your claims into currency quickly and discretely. At Liquid FSI, we believe in complete transparency so all transaction costs are displayed. Once you agree, you can ACH or wire funds to your bank account. Lombardi would have removed his Fedora!

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For Better Borrowing

Liquid FSI provides innovative revenue cycle management products that integrate into your business process and optimize cash flow instantly and discretely.

Our products are better products. Adjudicated claims are paid at full face value, fixed fees are clearly stated for each transaction, no payer notification, no changes in current payment flow, no contract commitment, and best of all you control the payment from your laptop, iPad, or mobile device.

Here are examples.
STAT 100™

A fast $100,000 receivables-based Line of Credit with an unlimited number of draw downs. STAT 100™ can be independent or used in conjunction with our STAT TL™. STAT 100™ gives you the added feature of “Liquifying” claims instantly.


With STAT TL™ members can convert from $20,000 to $500,000 of current verified medical receivables to currency within 48 hours. This brilliantly structured financial product can help you refocus or grow your practice. In conjunction with STAT 100™, it is a perfect combination for growing healthcare business.

For Smarter Lending

Healthcare financing is complex even for the most experienced lenders. Gathering accurate underwriting information including data on adjudicated claims and payment practices of over 100 insurance companies is a daunting task.

In the past, some financing companies simply avoided the small and mid-size healthcare category or required “unrealistic” changes in the applicants’ business practices.

Liquid FSI data strengthens your underwriting process by providing valuable data on claims adjudication and payment verification.

Lenders using the Liquid FSI platform, have the advantage to seeing the step-by-step claim flow from point of procedure to estimated data of payment.
Lender Select™

Like to lend to Cardiologists in California or Dental Labs in Delaware? Liquid FSI has the tools that can help you understand your market and deploy funds with a new level of safety. Because Liquid FSI integrates into the healthcare ecosystem, there is virtually no limit on targeting specific borrowers including medical and dental professionals, labs, staffing agencies, clinics…

Lender Confirm™

We think Yogi Berra once said, “It’s not about how much you lend, it’s about how much you collect.” Lenders are frequently blindsided by unexpected events in a borrowers business. Lenders use Lender Confirm™ to keep track of the health of a borrowers business after the funds have been moved to the borrower’s account.

Liquid FSI is committed to driving down the cost of healthcare financing.